Bebo want your music...

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Bebo want your music...

Post  fake genius on Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:59 am

Bebo Needs Your Music!

Bebo and the LonelyGirl15 production team potentially want to use some of your music for the internet drama "KateModern." It's a spin off from the massively successful lonelygirl15 series that has 1.5 Million views on Youtube and it's own website. You can see episodes of the Kate Modern series at

If you let us use your music we'll promote your Bebo profile to the viewers (11 million users on Bebo in the UK alone and over 38 million users globally). Moreover, we are sending weekly updates to our A&R executive friends at all the major record labels and most of the independent labels highlighting the music we're choosing for the series. We hope this will assist you in your efforts to get a recording deal with a label. Unfortunately, the LonelyGirl15 production team have an incredibly limited budget for music, but we can:

- provide accreditation
- link to your profile
- promote your music to Bebo's 36 million users
- promote your music to A&R executives at the majors and indies and
- if you are enabled to sell your music through 7 digital or iTunes, then we can provide deep linking to digital sales of your music.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the sync agreement, please email and include the Bebo URL to your music profile. Messages that do not include a Bebo URL or an email to a valid account will not be returned. If you choose not to accept this invitation, we wish you all the best and hope to hear what other services you would like to see Bebo offer in the future!
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